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Training 101

Weight Training 101

Goal Setting

Tracking Your Workout Progress

Rep Ranges



Chest: Incline Machine Hammer Press

Chest: Peck Deck Fly

Chest: Part 1 of chest day. This is a 20 min workout total.

Chest: Incline Cable Fly

Full 20 Min Chest Workout Incline Focus

Chest: DB Incline Press

Chest: Cable Fly Standard

Chest: This is part 2 of our 20 min Chest day. Get in, get it done, get home!!!

Chest: Bench Press



Triceps: Extensions with Rope

Triceps: Reverse Grip Tricep Extensions

Triceps: One Arm Bent Cable Tricep Kickback

Triceps: Straight Art Tricep Cable Kick Back



Biceps: Spider Curls

Biceps: Cable Preacher Curls

Biceps: 21s

Biceps: One Arm Concentration Curl

Biceps: Seated Preacher Curls

Biceps - Seated Machine Preacher Curls

Biceps: Seated Incline Dumbbell Curls



Shoulder DB Incline Overhead Shoulder Press

Shoulders: Braced DB Rear Delt Raise

Shoulders: Incline Swimmers

Shoulders: Braced DB Side Delt Raise

Shoulders: Incline Bench DB Shrugs

Shoulders: One Arm Cable Knuckle Draggers

Shoulders: Lying Cable Side Raises



Back: One Art Bent Over DB Row - Be sure to act like you are pushing the DB away from you on the negative. This adds more tension as well!!!

Back: Straight Arm Lat Pulldown

Back: Seated Close Grip Pulldown

Back: Seated Lat Pulldown

Back - Standing One Arm Cable Row



Legs: Lying Leg Curls

Legs: Seated Leg Extensions

Legs: Smith Machine Split Squats

Legs: Romanian Deadlift

Legs: Standing Calf Raises

Legs: Seated Leg Curls

Legs: Vertical Leg Press

Legs: Walking Barbell Lunges

Legs: One Leg Cable Hamstring Curls

Legs: Seated Calf Raises